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Puppets are people too, my friend!

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I probably haven't watched these in forty some years. Sadly, the quality isn't quite there, and the audio is inconsistent.

Who has five (5) frogs?

• Christopher

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I live not too far (in midwest terms) from the Charles MacNider Museum which happens to house "Bil Baird’s World of Puppets" in its permanent collection. Bil Baird wrote *"The Art of the Puppet" and is known for creating and performing the marionettes in "The Sound of Music" along with his wife Cora (watch The Lonely Goatherd.) If you are unfamiliar with Bil, that's ok. Time has not been kind to his legacy, but he was a pioneer.

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It's hard to believe I made the above video nearly two years ago.

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For as long as I can remember I've loved puppets. As a young child I couldn't get enough of them, and while other kids wanted to grow up to become police, or doctors, I always wanted to be a puppeteer. My deformative years were spent sneaking downstairs late at night to watch the Muppets and Sesame Street, and to fantasize about The Great Gonzo's chickens (especially that sexy slut Camilla). So it seems inevitable I create a site dedicated to my puppetry fetish! Welcome to Felt & Fur!

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