Felt & Fur

Puppets are people too, my friend!

I’m interested in opening up this site for others to post on. It’s my site, so I will maintain some level of editorial control, but if what you are interested in writing is puppetry related, I’m probably game for hosting. I’d love to feature your content. Write a book review, a tutorial, cover a fabrication technique, feature an event, interview someone in the field, focus on a festival or just a great website, perhaps a writeup of a “behind the scenes” of a performance or a video. Pretty much whatever you like. Just drop me a line with what you are thinking, and I’m sure we can work something out: christopher@feltandfur.com.

I’m not paying, but mostly because I’m not looking for professional level writing or content. I’m fine with these posts being almost entirely self-promotional, as long as what you are promoting is puppetry and of interest to other puppeteers.

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