I own quite a few puppet books. I’ve even read some! (I only slightly kid). Some books are better than others, and I wish I had more and have read more of them. Probably my favorite thing regarding puppetry is reading about it. More than manipulation, more than watching, more than creating my own projects, I love to read about puppetry. It’s magic to me. About the only thing I love more is owning actual puppets (or commissioning the creation of puppets).

The image accompanying this post are the majority of my puppetry book collection. I obviously need to find a better way to organize and keep them, but I like having them on display. I like owning them and looking at them and imagining that someday I will have the time to read them.

I plan to pick one and read it and give it a write-up here. I used to do book reviews for fun & profit, so it’ll be nice to try my hand at that again.

Any recommendations on which one to start with?

• Christopher

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