It's difficult for me to pick out my favorite puppetry project. There's so many that I just absolutely love. I'm not sure if it's my favorite, but the Creatures of Yes is a strong contender. I love everything about this series of videos. I love the retro throwback feel of them. I love the nonsensical aspects. I love how low-budget they feel (I have no idea how much these actually cost to produce). I love the puppetry. Love the performances and the scripting. They are so well done. They are like educational videos without the education, but in a good way.

You can find them on twitter if you're one of those: @creaturesofyes.

They have a Facebook page: Creatures of Yes, and Jacob has an Instagram feed if you're under 30!

Its still blows my mind how these videos are made. I'm still not sure I believe that part, but it always makes me feel guilty when I read what Jacob uses to make these things. If he can do something this good with old equipment, what's my excuse?

Here's their first video (and still my favorite!):

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You can check out the rest of their YouTube videos here: The Creatures of Yes.

I find Jacob to be inspiring, and I really want to hang with him and make puppet videos. I think I'm going to see if Jacob is amenable to an interview, but in the meantime, do yourself a favor and watch all the Creatures of Yes videos!

• Christopher

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