So here's the deal. I come across a lot of puppetry links. I throw them into a folder and go about my day. I occasionally get someone that asks me for puppetry resources and I throw them my list of links. Problem is they are entirely unvetted. I seldom know if the site is actually good or if it is a total scam. I just know I bookmarked it. So I want to create a section on this site for links to puppetry resources. Drop me a line at if you have any sites you believe should be included.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my raw collection of puppetry links:

Just a bunch of links: Puppets

As I get time I will describe each site and retag them: Puppetry

Expect to see that collection grow!

And again, if you have additions or puppet related materials you think I should include, hit me up. I do not intend to be exhaustive, so if I think it's a crap site, I won't include it. Same thing goes if I did include something that sucks. Tell me so and why and I will consider revoking the link.

• Christopher

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