I am taking a page out of my man Vaughn Belak's book to "promote the shit out of the shit I love." To that end I am going to point you to the web comic my other man Kenny Durkin does:


While the closest I get to being a dad is buying an occasional puppet (puppets are children too, my friend!), Kenny turns fatherhood into a decent chuckle. He makes me smile.

I enjoy his drawings of puppeteers and asked him to do one of me. He does quality work, and if you have need of an illustration or a caricature you should consider hiring him like I did! I plan to throw at least one more project his way, but in the meantime, look upon the image he did of Hoté and me! It's freaking awesome. He added my monkey puppet Spank into the picture as well!

I find it striking how well he captured me. He even got the beard correct!

As Vaughn would say, "Life is good."

Check out some of Kenny's other puppet/puppeteer caricatures here:

Facebook Gallery

And his other websites here:



The content of this post is largely taken from a facebook post I made about Kenny Durkin. If you've already read that, this post was a waste of your time. I probably should have told you this before you got all the way to the end.

My bad.


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