Let's get the social media links out of the way. Follow them on twitter: @VerminShow and Facebook: Vermin the Web Show.

They also have a website, but no one seems to be updating it, here: Vermin Show.

This is a pretty straight forward puppet show. It's well produced and looks great with quality puppeteering. The comedy is what I would call low brow without being crude. It's fun. You should watch. You can even watch with the kiddos. The Vermin folk describe the show thus:

VERMIN is a web series starring puppet rats and actor Trace (MST3K) Beaulieu. Produced by the Puppet Forge and Fearless Comedy Productions. [Links added.] Here's the first video in the series:

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You can find the rest here: Vermin Show on YouTube.

I helped fund this when it was on Kickstarter: RELAUNCH: VERMIN Web Show!

I believe they plan to make more. If so, I'll watch.

• Christopher

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